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Heat Recovery Ventilation System

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Compact Design / Flexible Installation

Variable Speed Constant Flow Motor

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Counter-flow Heat Recovery

Bypass Free-cooling Automation

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A leap forward in ventilation and design

The comprehensive local demand control system is connected with multiple IAQ sensors from internal to external of the ventilation unit. Real-time IAQ data and status are collected for the automation of the system such as airflows, bypass and defrost. Clock control and boost function further enhance the overall efficiency of the system. Complete settings are all on the HD 7" color touchscreen.

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High Static Pressure Performance ensures Sufficient Air Delivering

Series of Products Available

No matter it is ceiling mounting or wall mounting or floor standing, flat or horizontal or vertical installation, for studios or apartments or villas or offices or stores, here are the products that fit your venues.



"VK8 control is the most user friendly control that I have ever used. It has most of the functions that I need for my daily use. The design is elegant."

A customer from Spain

"CS FLEX series is such an innovation that put me at ease on installation. It is perfect for my home. The performance is excellent."

A customer from Germany

"The products are so durable that I have kept them on running 24/7 for 15 years since I bought them. The quality is outstanding and exceptional."

A customer from Italy

CS FLEX | advanced MVHR for comfort living

EU1253/2014 ErP2018 EcoDesign Compliant

EU1254/2014 Energy Rating SEC Class A+/A

According to EN13141-7

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Internal Sensors

The model is fitted with multiple internal sensors for automation of various controls such as airflows, bypass and defrost.

Counter-flow Heat Recovery Core

The counter-flow heat recovery core, with large plate area and high density layers, provides a high heat recovery efficiency.

Built-in Bypass System

Bypass free-cooling or free-heating runs automatically when the outdoor has a comfortable air temperature.

Constant Flow EC Motor

The constant flow EC motor has the features of high static pressure, low energy consumption and ultra silent operation.


Compact design

The height of the unit is only 195mm, while equipped with 15mm internal insulation for heat and sound.


Flexible unit

There are service panels on both sides, which increases the possible installation options up to 12.

About us

Superior development and design

We specialize in developing ventilation, purification, disinfection products and control systems. We are committed in designing energy saving, high performance, user-friendly and installer-friendly products and providing optimal solutions for the users.

What we do

Focus on IAQ management

Since having a comfort environment and climate at home or at work is important, over the 20 years, there are ranges of product collections developed, for residential and commercial. We have an experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Your trusted Air supplier

We specialize in designing and manufacturing ventilation units and control systems, the advanced control systems with comprehensive functions have further improved the energy efficiency of the high standard ventilation units. Over the 20 years, we have experienced different types of projects and provided different types of solutions to our customers, from residential to commercial cases. We care every step, from design to manufacturing, to deliver the superior experience to you and the world. The promise of the quality by our teams.

Bidirectional Ventilation Unit

Outstanding products with exceptional solutions


Introduced several concepts of an efficient ventilation and purification, and developed the products connecting with smart controls.


Developed heat recovery ventilation systems, and launched disinfection and sterilization devices.


Intergrated HEPA, UV-C, IFD, PCO technology into the purification and disinfection equipment.


Obtained multiple awards regarding technology, innovation and design of the products and solutions.


Strive to go green, and for environmental protection, products are designed with energy saving concepts.


Products are widely used and installed at major institutions, residential buildings and commercial buildings.


Released a series of new generation heat recovery ventilation unit models with control systems.


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