Modern offices generally have relatively high airtightness, lack of windows or windows that will not open, and open design for seating has become common. The traditional ventilation and air-conditioning integrated system lacks filtering devices, and personnel are more likely to be cross-infected when working. The harmful gases left after decoration cannot be removed. The poor ventilation of the central system will transmit bacteria, viruses, harmful gases, etc. to each unit, and ventilation insufficiency will reduce the staff's office vitality.


E-VIPO has a comprehensive range of air disinfection and purification products to solve the existing insufficient indoor air problem for the office, and provides a complete solution and high-quality working environment for open spaces, meeting rooms, etc.



The home lacks a ventilation system, and the high-rise urban areas cannot open windows. Decorated furniture brings mold, formaldehyde, dust mites, harmful gases, pets bring allergens, etc., which have a serious impact on the health of the elderly, pregnant women and children.


E-VIPO air purification equipment customizes the required home air purification solutions for each type of house. Let each of us who love breathe in healthy air.


The restaurant is a crowded public place. When talking, it spreads and people touch the area. The transmission from food is very common, and the production environment needs to be kept clean. In fact, many restaurants do not meet the ventilation requirements, and the lack of disinfection and protection measures will make the premises high-risk.


E-VIPO provides suitable professional solutions for catering service providers to assist catering service providers to achieve ventilation standards while effectively improving indoor air disinfection and purification, so that customers can enjoy a moment of eating with friends and family at ease.


Bacteria and viruses are everywhere in medical places, and they are susceptible to cross infection. If the traditional ventilation system is insufficient, bacteria and viruses will fill the room. In crowded areas, touches are relatively increased. Insufficient disinfection and protection work has caused germs to grow everywhere.


In response to the environmental problems faced by medical places, E-VIPO has developed filtration technologies and sterilization devices that are lacking in traditional ventilation systems, and tailor-made professional-specific ventilation solutions for medical places.


Shops are often crowded with people, and insufficient ventilation not only reduces the shopping experience of consumers, but also increases the touch rate of objects in a crowded situation, which is prone to indirect infection. Under frequent renovations, shops continue to release harmful gases.


E-VIPO's air purification products can effectively and continuously output clean air, and provide corresponding supporting solutions for shops of different areas, so that the air quality is greatly improved, so that the air is no longer turbid, and customers can feel at ease.


The environment of the education center is densely populated, cross-infection often occurs among children, and carbon dioxide accumulates in school halls and classrooms. In the absence of air purification equipment and in the summer when the air conditioner is turned on and the windows are closed, the classroom is a high-risk place.


E-VIPO focuses on and develops a variety of sterilization and detoxification air purification equipment in accordance with the characteristics of the education center and the needs of personnel, and provides comprehensive solutions to greatly reduce the occurrence of cross-infection, so that children can breathe healthily in a high-quality and clean environment.


The hotel room is a place where many people come and go, and the central air-conditioning system, combined with heating and cooling systems, makes the ventilation insufficient. The automatic energy-saving function of the central air-conditioning system also reduces the air exchange rate. The filtering function that the air conditioner cannot provide makes the bacteria and viruses fill the room. When the air conditioner is circulating, lacks fresh air and the windows cannot be opened, it not only traps the bacteria in the room and continuously circulates and breeds, but also transports the bacteria from the central system to other rooms. The carpet is a place where bacteria accumulate. If the cleaning staff does not disinfect well, the hotel room is a high-risk place for infection.


E-VIPO provides a purification solution for sterilization, disinfection and high-efficiency filtration in response to the problems that the hotel premises cannot open windows and air conditioners have no filtering function when closed.


Ventilation in fitness venues needs to maintain a high standard, so that customers have sufficient oxygen input during exercise. Sweat and peculiar smells emitted during exercise are often permeated in the indoor air. If the disinfection treatment is not good, the transmission rate of bacteria and viruses will increase when customers use different sports equipment. If they fail to wear personal protective equipment, it also makes the place a high risk.


E-VIPO provides professional air disinfection, purification, ventilation solutions and services for fitness venues, and matches high-standard products to meet the needs of athletes.