Care about the health of employees, improve the sense of belonging and work efficiency, and create higher corporate benefits. At the same time, guests can feel the clean corporate culture and increase their recognition and trust in the company.


The E-VIPO fresh air system creates a high-quality working environment for enterprises and institutions, fully meets the employees' demand for fresh air, and avoids headaches, fatigue, and hypoxia, so that the office is no longer closed and boring, and employees are more energetic.



The indoor air of the family is often filled with germs, dust mites and peculiar smells, coupled with the lack of air circulation caused by the structure of the house, the accumulation of carbon dioxide, and the formaldehyde brought by the decoration of furniture, etc., have serious effects on health.


The E-VIPO air purification system can customize the best home air purification solution according to different room environment, house type characteristics and personnel requirements. Let every one of us who love breathe freely in healthy air.


The restaurant is a crowded public place. When talking, it spreads and people touch the area. The transmission from food is very common, and the production environment needs to be kept clean. In fact, many restaurants do not meet the ventilation requirements, and the lack of disinfection and protection measures will make the premises high-risk.


E-VIPO provides suitable professional solutions for catering service providers to assist catering service providers to achieve ventilation standards while effectively improving indoor air disinfection and purification, so that customers can enjoy a moment of eating with friends and family at ease.


Bacteria and viruses are everywhere in medical places, and they are susceptible to cross infection. If the traditional ventilation system is insufficient, bacteria and viruses will fill the room. In crowded areas, touches are relatively increased. Insufficient disinfection and protection work has caused germs to grow everywhere.


In response to the environmental problems faced by medical places, E-VIPO has developed filtration technologies and sterilization devices that are lacking in traditional ventilation systems, and tailor-made professional-specific ventilation solutions for medical places.


Stores with a lot of people feel the air is dull and depressed, and they always want to go out and get some air. The main reason is poor ventilation and muddy air. Merchants who pay attention to economic benefits will never neglect the health and shopping experience of consumers.


E-VIPO air purification has been at the forefront of innovation, providing corresponding supporting solutions for stores in different areas, greatly improving air quality. For merchants, both benefits and reputation will be harvested, and consumers will have a better shopping experience.


The campus environment is crowded with people and is prone to cross-infection.


E-VIPO focuses on creating a high-quality clean environment for schools, kindergartens, libraries, early education centers and training institutions.


In accordance with the characteristics of these places, a variety of air purification systems for dust removal and sterilization have been developed to meet the needs of each child for clean air while greatly reducing the occurrence of cross-infection, allowing children to breathe healthily in a clean environment.


The hotel room is a place where many people come and go, and the central air-conditioning system, combined with heating and cooling systems, makes the ventilation insufficient. The automatic energy-saving function of the central air-conditioning system also reduces the air exchange rate. The filtering function that the air conditioner cannot provide makes the bacteria and viruses fill the room. When the air conditioner is circulating, lacks fresh air and the windows cannot be opened, it not only traps the bacteria in the room and continuously circulates and breeds, but also transports the bacteria from the central system to other rooms. The carpet is a place where bacteria accumulate. If the cleaning staff does not disinfect well, the hotel room is a high-risk place for infection.


E-VIPO provides a purification solution for sterilization, disinfection and high-efficiency filtration in response to the problems that the hotel premises cannot open windows and air conditioners have no filtering function when closed.


The bank environment is airtight and poorly ventilated. Carbon dioxide produced by personnel in the business hall, ozone produced by office equipment, and a large number of germs carried by banknotes cannot be discharged normally. In addition, the frequent decoration of the business hall every few years will release a large amount of formaldehyde for a long time. Gas harms the health of bank staff and customers.


The E-VIPO air purification system introduces clean air to banks, continuously purifies harmful gases, and greatly improves indoor ventilation and air quality. It has been widely used in major bank business halls and offices.