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Introduce fresh air quickly to maintain indoor fresh oxygen supply Efficiently purify tiny particles and harmful gases
  Stable air flow, delivering filtered fresh air for 24 hours
The air volume is automatically optimized and adjusted, effectively reducing power consumption
  Multiple filter screen design, highly effective filter PM2.5, dust and other harmful particles
Efficiently purify decoration pollution, TVOC, odor and other harmful gases
Real-time monitoring of environmental data, intelligent control You can breathe fresh and clean air indoors without opening windows
  Real-time monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity, PM2.5 and carbon dioxide concentration
Mobile APP wireless remote control, convenient and fast
  Multiple filtration, maintain constant oxygen ventilation in the room
Form positive pressure to block outdoor pollution intrusion
High-quality hardware configuration, solid and durable Easy installation, no damage to decoration
  DC brushless EC motor with remarkable ventilation effect
High efficiency full heat exchange core, energy saving and environmental protection
  Ready to use, does not damage the interior decoration effect
Easy to maintain, you can install and unload the filter screen by yourself


■ Technical parameter

Product model BG20R-W Product size (mm) 743*455*162
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50HZ Air volume (m³/h) 200
Power consumption (W) 90 Heat exchange (A) >75%
Operating noise (dB) 40


■ Product configuration

Control configuration 4.3"color screen + intelligent control + APP
Filter configuration Nano Silver Ion Module+Middle Isolate Module+Medical Grade Hepa Module+Graphene heat exchange
Optional Auxiliary heating device