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There are many forms of air sterilization equipment, and the most commonly used indoor is electrostatic sterilization machine
 Electrostatic sterilizer is an efficient indoor air purification device, which is mostly used for indoor air sterilization and dust removal and air disinfection in operating rooms.
 Due to the urban building syndrome caused by modern living environment and interior decoration, indoor air-conditioning disease, germ pollution, etc. directly affect people’s health and life safety, so the environmental pollution caused by the breeding of indoor bacteria and mold has increasingly caused people attention.
 Air disinfection and sterilization is one of the main measures for hospital infection control, especially in operating rooms and treatment rooms. Continuous disinfection and maintaining cleanliness are important tasks that hospitals cannot ignore.
The sterilizer is suitable for most places:
Hospital clinics, operating rooms, treatment rooms and departments where airborne germs may be present
Relatively closed entertainment and sports venues with hidden dangers of germ growth and spread
Places such as food storage warehouses or catering kitchens
Collections, archives and other places prone to mold
Other indoor occasions requiring cleaning and sterilization


■ Technical parameter

Product model YL30UI-35Q Purification efficiency 99%(PM2.5)
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50HZ Air volume (m³/h) 300
Power consumption (W) 100 Sterilization efficiency 99.99%(Staphylococcus aureus)
Operating noise (dB) 35 Product size (mm) 300*350*530mm


■ Product configuration

Control configuration 3.5 inch touch LCD color screen + intelligent control + APP                         
Filter configuration Nano Silver Ion Module + Medical Grade Hepa Module + UVC Device + Nano Titanium Module + Intensive Field Dielectric Module IFD
Fan configuration EC centrifugal fan

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